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Farhat Ishtiaq is one of the most educated and most polished Urdu writers around. She has an extremely impressive personality. She is a civil engineer by profession and belongs to the elite class of Karachi. Her novels truly reflect her background and her noble character. Her initial stories were published in monthly Urdu digests such as Khawateen Digest and Shuaa . Her stories are published in episodic format every month in various digests and are eventually released as separate novels. Her novels Wo Jo Qarz Rakhte Thay Jaan Per, Dil Se Nikle Hain Jo Lafz, Bin Roye Aansoo, Humsafar, Mataye Jaan Hai Tu, Mere Humdam Mere Dost, Safar Ki Shaam, Junoon Tha Ke Justuju Are also available as a printed books published by elm-o-Irfan publications. She has authored lot of comprising novels, compilations of short stories, Urdu Afsana and also she is writing some plays too for some pakistani TV channels. Her novels explore societal problems particularly the role of women in the society. Her novels mostly contain South Asian cultural issues (primarily focusing on Pakistani societal issues).

Mai Or Chanda Mama  by Farhat Ishtiaq

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