Electric Machinery Fundamentals (Power & Energy) By Stephen J. Chapman

   Electric Machinery Fundamentals (Power & Energy)
By Stephen J. Chapman

 I have three standard ****books on electric machines, and the best one by far is Stephen Chapman's Electric Machinery Fundamentals (fourth edition). Chapman has the rare ability to strike a golden balance between theory and practice, and between rigour and informality, such that the theoretical actually illuminates the practical. His discussion on power transformers is the best I have seen anywhere, and he maintains that same high quality throughout the book. Along the way, he has even managed to correct a subtle misconception that I had held for several years concerning Lenz's law. The print quality is superb and the diagrams are sharp and clear. I would like to answer a comment that another reviewer had against this book, namely, that this book uses log or semilog scales. I think we should be grateful that Mr. Chapman had the good judgment to use log or semilog scales, or else we are going to have a book that is hundreds of miles long and wide.  

Electric Machinery Fundamentals

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