Electrical Power Systems Quality By Surya Santoso, Wayne Beaty, Roger C. Dugan & Mark F. McGranaghan  

This Second Edition has been expanded and updated to reflect the increasing sensitivity of microelectronic devices and the ever-growing stress placed upon the power grid.
This much-needed resource discusses every essential aspect of basic power quality and methods used to protect electronic systems and on understanding the causes of power quality problems and learning how to prevent them.
Coverage includes:
* How to protect against voltage sags and interruptions
* The principles of harmonics and filtering
* Common wiring and grounding problems, along with solutions
* Transient overvoltages due to lightning and switching
* The technical impact of problems on various load equipment
* Utility and end-user strategies for improved power qualities
* Maintaining power quality in distributed generation systems
* Benchmarking power quality
* Power quality in electric wiring
* And much more!
Electrical Power Systems Quality is an invaluable tool to everyone working in the field, from utility engineers to industrial plan technicians to power quality consultants

   1. Introduction
   2. Terms and Definitions
   3. Voltage Sags and Interruptions
   4. Transient Overvoltages
   5. Fundamentals of Harmonics
   6. Applied Harmonics
   7. Long-Duration Voltage Variations
   8. Power Quality Benchmarking
   9. Distributed Generation and Power Quality
  10. Wiring and Grounding
  11. Power Quality Monitoring
          * What is Power Quality?
          * Power Quality -- Voltage Quality
          * Why Are We Concerned About Power Quality?
          * The Power Quality Evaluation Procedure
          * Who Should Use This Book
          * Overview of the *******s
          * Need for a Consistent Vocabulary
          * General Classes of Power Quality Problems
          * Transients
          * Long-Duration Voltage Variations
          * Short-Duration Voltage Variations
          * Voltage Imbalance
          * Waveform Distortion
          * Voltage Fluctuation
          * Power Frequency Variations
          * Power Quality Terms
          * Ambiguous Terms
          * CBEMA and ITI Curves
          * Sources of Sags and Interruptions
          * Estimating Voltage Sag Performance
          * Fundamental Principles of Protection
          * Solutions at the End-User Level
          * Evaluating the Economics of Different Ride-Through Alternatives
          * Motor-Starting Sags
          * Utility System Fault-Clearing Issues
          * Sources of Transient Overvoltages
          * Principles of Overvoltage Protection
          * Devices for Overvoltage Protection
          * Utility Capacitor-Switching Transients
          * Utility System Lightning Protection
          * Managing Ferroresonance
          * Switching Transient Problems with Loads
          * Computer Tools for Transients Analysis
          * Harmonic Distortion
          * Voltage versus Current Distortion
          * Harmonics versus Transients
          * Harmonic Indexes
          * Harmonic Sources from Commercial Loads
          * Harmonic Sources from Industrial Loads
          * Locating Harmonic Sources
          * System Response Characteristics
          * Effects of Harmonic Distortion
          * Interharmonics
          * Harmonic Distortion Evaluations
          * Principles for Controlling Harmonics
          * Where to Control Harmonics
          * Harmonic Studies
          * Devices for Controlling Harmonic Distortion
          * Harmonic Filter Design: A Case Study
          * Case Studies
          * Standards of Harmonics
          * Principles of Regulating the Voltage
          * Devices for Voltage Regulation
          * Utility Voltage Regulator Application
          * Capacitors for Voltage Regulation
          * End-User Capacitor Application
          * Regulating Utility Voltage with Distributed Resources
          * Flicker
          * Benchmarking Process
          * RMS Voltage Variation Indices
          * Harmonics Indices
          * Power Quality Contracts
          * Power Quality Insurance
          * Power Quality State Estimation
          * Including Power Quality in Distribution Planning
          * Resurgence of DG
          * DG Technologies
          * Interface to the Utility System
          * Power Quality Issues
          * Operating Conflicts
          * DG on Distribution Networks
          * Siting DGDistributed Generation
          * Interconnection Standards
          * Resources
          * Definitions
          * Reasons for Grounding
          * Typical Wiring and Grounding Problems
          * Solutions to Wiring and Grounding Problems
          * Monitoring Considerations
          * Historical Perspective of Power Quality Measuring Instruments
          * Power Quality Measurement Equipment
          * Assessment of Power Quality Measurement Data
          * Application of Intelligent Systems
          * Power Quality Monitoring Standards

Electrical Power Systems Quality

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