First Course on Power Electronics and Drives Author Ned Mohan

   First Course on Power Electronics and Drives Author  Ned Mohan  

Designed with undergraduate students in mind who are likely to take only one course on this subject:
-Prepare them for industry
-Impart fundamentals and provide a roadmap for life-long learning
-Provide breadth and depth in less than 250 pages
-Based on feedback from over 350 faculty members at workshops in 1991, 1994, 1997, 1998, 2002 and 2003.

The CD-ROM accompanying this ****book has the following unique features:

- Prepared Lecture Slides with Examples (great for students too!)
- PSpice 9.1 student version ready-to-install (nothing to download or order)
- PSpice-based realistic Examples and Problems
- Hardware-Lab-on-a-CD: contains hardware lab setups and the measured (NOT simulated ) waveforms.

Comparison with other ****books on this subject:

- Only 248 pages allow coverage from front-to-back in one semester
- Prepared (ready-to-run) Examples on the CD can be easily modified for assigning realistic homework problems
- Prepared Lectures Slides save instructors valuable preparation time
- Actual Hardware Lab measured waveforms make it real (next best to having lab setups in your school)
- Total Experience – What is Power without Control?

First Course on Power Electronics and Drives

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